2 Free Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners


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2 Free Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners

daphne blue precision bassWhen I began getting together and playing guitar with some friends one of them suggested that we needed a bass player. Now I'm always looking for a reason to purchase a new instrument and of course I did. But having never played bass before I needed to do some learning; so I began searching the Internet for some free bass guitar lessons.

Pounding out chords on a guitar is what I'd been doing for years but I soon discovered that playing bass guitar required a different mindset. You're now a member of the rhythm section and along with the drummer you'll be providing the rest of the band with the foundation of the music you all will be playing. But I know I won't be playing chords so what am I to do?

In decades of playing guitar I never bothered to learn any chord theory. But it quickly became evident that some knowledge of how chords are constructed would provide an answet to the question I asked above. So here is a quick introduction to how some rudimentary chord theory works.

Free Bass Guitar Lesson 1

The happy-go-lucky, cheery sounding chords are the major chords. They are constructed of there notes; the root or 1, the 3 and the 5. Mary Poppins would call these bnotes "do, mi sol." A C major scale is comprised of the notes C,D,E,F,G,A,B. It follows then that a C chord is formed by playing C (the root or 1), E (mi or 3), and G (sol or 5). A bass player wishing to play over a C chord would then the notes in that order. Here's the pattern on a bass guitar neck using G as the root:



|----------|---3-----|----------|---5------| Major Scale; root or 1, 3, 5: G, B, D


You could also vamp over the chord by playing 1-5, 1-5, 1-5…; frankly, you hear that quite frequently. Want it real simple? Just rhythmically play the root over the particular chord. If that sounds too uncomplicated for you listen critically to the bass line in almost any ZZ Top song.

Free Bass Guitar Lesson 2

Now that you understand how a major chord is formed and how to vamp over it let's look at a minor chord (the serious or sad sounding ones). There is only 1 difference between a major chord and a minor; the 3 (or mi) gets dropped a half step or "flatted." Here's what it looks like on the neck:



|---3b----|----------|----------|---5-----| Minor Scale; root or 1, 3b, 5: G, Bb, D


As before, the bassist can play 1-3b-5, 1-3b-5…, or our 1-5, 1-5, 1-5…will work here also.

These two free bass guitar lessons can be mastered pretty quickly by anyone with even a little sense of rhythm. So grab a bass guitar, practice these simple bass guitar patterns and hold on—bass guitar players never have to look for bands or chicks!

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