Here Is An Online Guitar Tuner For You


The Fastest, Funnest and Easiest Way to Teach Yourself Guitar--Guaranteed!

How would you feel if you could play your favorite songs on guitar...by yourself, at first, then maybe for a few friends? What would it be like to join a band, to work together with other musicians and play real songs and entertain family, friends...even total strangers? Can you imagine standing on stage, watching people dance, sing and party to music that you're making?

Whatever you want to play--rock, country, metal, jazz, punk--you can learn it with Jamorama. Learn at your own pace what you want, when you want and as much as you want. Jamorama will have you learning chords and playing songs within the first three lessons--gauranteed.

Jamorama's approach to teaching guitar can be summed up in one word--fun! I play guitar, I own this course and I enthusiastically recommend this product. I encourage you to visit the Jamorama site to learn all about the wealth of information included in this guitar course. While you're there, click on the "Free Stuff" tab at the top of the page and choose between two free courses. It'll give you a chance to "test drive" Jamorama before spending a single nickel on the course. Check it out here and start learning today!


Here Is An Online Guitar Tuner For You

tuning forkIn my article "Tuning a Guitar Without a Tuner" I taught you how to tune a guitar the "old fashioned" way. Excuse me for chiding you that you're not a "real man" if you can't tune a guitar without the aid of an electronic advice. It was all in good fun and frankly, I admit to tuning all my guitars now with the aid of a Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner.

I recently found myself in a situation where I didn't have the Boss but needed to tune my guitar accurately; "pretty close" wouldn't do. And while I'd left a critical piece of guitar equipment in the basement I did have my computer in the room with me (long story—please bear with me). So I fired up the laptop and did a search for "online guitar tuner".

There was a scene in a movie ("Starting Over") where Jill Clayburgh was having an anxiety attack in Bloomingdale's bedding department. Burt Reynolds comes to her aid by yelling to no one in particular, "Does anyone have a Valium?!" At which point a shower of little yellow pills rained on the distressed woman; it appeared that everyone was medicated against the ubiquitous anxiety that seems to be routine anymore.

I was reminded of this scene when the search results for "online guitar tuner" turned up. There were a bunch of them and I was quite fascinated by their variety. Some were plain and to the point like this one: http://www.8notes.com/guitar_tuner/.

Here's another that would be a lot of help to someone who used alternate tunings: http://www.get-tuned.com/guitar_tuner.php.

Here's my favorite: http://www.gieson.com/Library/projects/utilities/tuner/.

In the event none of these online guitar tuners suit your fancy you might try doing your own Google search. With 260,000 result chances are good you'll find one you like!

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