Learning Basic Guitar Chords


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Learning Basic Guitar Chords

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Learning basic guitar chords from the start is critical to the aspiring guitarist's continued progress--or so is my opinion. And here is why: they pick up the guitar to play songs, and simple songs are written using basic guitar chords. The sooner they can accomplish that the more likely it will be that they continue to learn with enthusiasm.

I have friends who ignored my warning and insisted on taking a "purist" approach to learning to play the guitar. Their instructors handed them a "Mel Bay" guitar instruction book and began teaching them where the notes were on the guitar strings and where they would find them on the music staff. My friends' logic was akin to saying, "I won't turn on the light until I understand everything about the flow of electrons." After a few lessons each of these friends got frustrated with their progress (or lack thereof) and put their guitars in a closet where they sit today.On the other hand, I have friends who I helped learn a few basic guitar chords and they are proficient players today. I have personal experience with the Mel Bay method of instruction.

I received my first guitar for Christmas along with a ten dollar bill to spend on guitar lessons (they were $2.50 each way back then!). My progress was superlative; in no time at all I could play "Camptown Races" (doo-dah, doo-dah) on the first two strings of the guitar; and in equally short time I was bored to death with my guitar. I wanted to play songs like John, Paul, George and Ringo--I needed to learn some basic guitar chords!

So what are the basic guitar chords? I would instruct a beginning guitarist to learn A, C, D, E and G major chords as well as A, D and E minor. With those eight basic guitar in hand the neophyte guitarist will have literally thousands of popular songs at his disposal. And she will also have gained the confidence to attack the remaining, more difficult, major and minor guitar chords.

There's plenty of time to learn music theory, modalities and how to read music for the musician who is inclined to do so. But for now, get ahold of some song books or lyric sheets with chord diagrams and start enjoying the thrill of making real music with a few basic guitar chords.

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