Where To Find Guitar Lessons For Beginners


The Fastest, Funnest and Easiest Way to Teach Yourself Guitar--Guaranteed!

How would you feel if you could play your favorite songs on guitar...by yourself, at first, then maybe for a few friends? What would it be like to join a band, to work together with other musicians and play real songs and entertain family, friends...even total strangers? Can you imagine standing on stage, watching people dance, sing and party to music that you're making?

Whatever you want to play--rock, country, metal, jazz, punk--you can learn it with Jamorama. Learn at your own pace what you want, when you want and as much as you want. Jamorama will have you learning chords and playing songs within the first three lessons--gauranteed.

Jamorama's approach to teaching guitar can be summed up in one word--fun! I play guitar, I own this course and I enthusiastically recommend this product. I encourage you to visit the Jamorama site to learn all about the wealth of information included in this guitar course. While you're there, click on the "Free Stuff" tab at the top of the page and choose between two free courses. It'll give you a chance to "test drive" Jamorama before spending a single nickel on the course. Check it out here and start learning today!


Where To Find Guitar Lessons For Beginners

guitar lessons for beginnersEven Clapton was clueless about the guitar at one time so guitar lessons for beginners is a necessary step for all future guitar gods. There are a lot of ways to learn bad habits without some sort of reliable teacher so where's the best place to go for guitar lessons for beginners?

First choice; a real human being. Any metropolitan area will have a music store or two and if they sell guitars they more than likely will have an instructor or two. Don't just settle for the guy closest to your home or at your favorite guitar store.

I've taken lessons from two teachers and left them both quickly. One wanted to teach me notes on each string and how to read music; the other seemed oblivious to my needs and insisted on teaching me his style, which was chord melodies—no thanks! Shop around until you find someone who will teach you what you want to learn.

Your second choice is "do-it-yourself" guitar lessons for beginners. You can buy books, DVDs and of course, look around the Internet. There are tons of sites with tons of lessons available to you but be careful; you can develop some bad habits without an experienced guitar player looking over your shoulder.

Frankly, if I was recommending guitar lessons for beginners I'd have to steer you toward the Jamorama course featured prominently on this site. (Yes, I know this sounds like shameless self promotion!)  Not only do I own it, I've purchased it for my niece when she decided to forgo the flute in favor of guitar. The lessons are extensive, well presented and most of all, fun. What more could you ask for?

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